True Passion. True Professionals. True Community.

VO can be a solitary gig. We're building a community here in Vancouver. A community of working, career driven peers who share drinks, stories and opportunities, forging lifelong friendships, elevating ourselves and the entire local VO industry.

TNVOJ welcomes actors, engineers, studio admin, producers, writers, agents, casting directors and more. If you make a living in or around VO, you have a place here.


Join us every quarter for Vancouver's premier networking event for working VO professionals. Every event features a chat and Q&A with a different industry expert on important industry topics, followed by general mingling and merriment.

Fireside chat with TanyaBar servicePost-chat networking.June event

Coming Soon: Monthly Peer Jam Sessions

You can improve a lot with diligent solo practise, but imagine being together in a studio with 5 other experienced VO's, taking turns directing and being directed, pushing each others performance limits and having a blast while doing it!

The growth that comes out of these jams is astounding, and the friendship and community that comes along with it is, quite frankly, exactly what we need. We run ongoing VO Jam sessions (some call them workouts) to facilitate that community, to rise the tide and raise all ships.

Tomorrow's best VO's will be the ones who found the most ways to improve themselves. Here's one of them.


Interested in attending our events? Shoot us a message introducing yourself.

- Must live near or travel to the Vancouver area frequently.
- Actively work in or around VO. (We have actors, engineers, writers/showrunners, agents and casting directors in attendance)

If you're a novice or looking to "break in" to the industry, these events aren't the place for that, but shoot us a message we're happy to provide resources and guidance for getting started.

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